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AIDS as an obstacle to economic development

It’s no secret that the HIV/AIDS epidemic has hit the world’s developing nations especially hard. In countries like Malawi, the prevalence rate of HIV is estimated at as high as 11% for those aged 15-49, with the disease claiming up to 51,000 lives each year. Despite this, essential treatment and care, including anti-retroviral drug therapy …


An Argument for an Australian Republic

Should Australia be a Republic? The question has fluctuated in and out of public discussion for decades. The issue is not as vitriolic as asylum seekers or polarising as the carbon tax. Nonetheless, Australia’s choice of governmental structure is important, and is growing increasingly out of touch with our national identity. Firstly it is appropriate …


Somebody set us up the bomb: Iran

We should not be too soft on Iran. A country with aspirations towards local genocide, refusing to acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nation (which admittedly refuses to acknowledge the rights of Palestinians), should not be sympathised with overmuch. And an Ahmedinejad/Khamene’i Iran with a nuclear weapon could pose a terrible threat. Articles that argue …