About Us

The brainchild of the Bond University United Nations Students Association (BUUNSA), Article Nineteen is a new forum for International Relations students, politics enthusiasts and anyone who lives in this world of ours. Article Nineteen is a place for ideas, for debate, and for making sense of the complex, the confronting and the crazy parts of that increasingly interconnected world.

BUUNSA aims to affirm the principles of the United Nations – including freedom of expression, faith in fundamental human rights, and the dignity and worth of the human person – within the Bond University community and beyond. You can join our Facebook page below for ongoing updates on BUUNSA initiatives and events.

The Committee

Holli Sargeant | President

Hello All! I am Holli Sargeant and I am taking a double degree of Law and International Relations. I am a huge lover of travel, history, culture, music and pugs. I am very passionate about the law and the way it functions in the international arena. I intend to work in a career to shape and uphold the law in a way to create social change locally and globally is a wide number of areas. Personally I am particularly passionate about the development of universal rights for women and children; i want to live in a world where equal opportunity is not a debate but the norm. I can’t wait for the many initiatives BUUNSA can and will bring to Bond and to you and hopefully inspire a movement of social change in our community!

Lara Sveinsson | Treasurer

Well hey there, I’m Lara; Law/Arts (IR/French) student, language enthusiast, folk music fan, and lover of all things outdoors. I’ve fostered a love of international culture, politics and law by spending as much time as possible in places I don’t speak the language, and I’m passionate about bringing the big wide world out there into every aspect of what we do at Bond. I’m a believer in legal change as a foundation for social change, and one day I hope I’ll end up combining law, human rights and development with NGOs or even the UN in different far-flung corners of the world. We’re excited about bringing you a bigger, bolder BUUNSA than ever in 2015 – we hope you’re excited too!

Annika Cameron| Engagement Director

Amelia Caldwell | Events Director









Hi, I’m Amelia, and I’m studying a Bachelor of Laws/ International Relations here at Bond and I began my course in 2016. In my spare time I like to read, write and listen to and play music; I’m currently learning my fourth instrument. From a young age I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world engaging with and learning about other cultures and people through authentic and first-hand experiences. This is what has compelled me to progress my learning in the field of international relations. Whilst believing in the power of an idea to change the international political landscape, I do believe that true progress can only be made through fundamental and systemic changes in both the legal and governmental framework. For myself, I believe this manifests in the United Nations and is why I’m so glad to be apart of BUUNSA in 2017; to help share their ideas, messages and practices with the rest of the Bond community.

Makaela Felhaber|  Competitions Director

Tayla Meyer | Secretary

Tarisa Yasin | Executive Member