Month: June 2013


“Misogyny, Sexism & Abortion” the Prime Minister’s political football.

The words ‘touch, pause, engage’ are the usual call to becoming interlocked in a muddy, all-in team battle over possession of the football. However thanks to a new low in Australian politics, the call changed to ‘misogyny, sexism and abortion’. These three words were the call sign for the Gillard Ministry and Labor caucus to …

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The Post-2015 Development Agenda

The Post-2015 Development Agenda was announced last night (Friday 31 May). A 27-member panel – co-chaired by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, and Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom – has developed the next phase of UN development. But is all the hype and anticipation surrounding …